Friday, December 30, 2011


In honor of 2011's last weekend, we are going out 'Diddy' style. I've found a few Ciroc recipes (what we like to call Cirocan Juice) online. Try one or two, maybe even three!! Shout out to Diddy for the smooth base for these drinks. #SALUTE (Photos and recipes courtesy of Blue Flame Agency's Flickr and IAmDiddy's twitpics.) Drink Responsibly!

Razzle Dazzle: Contains 1oz. Ciroc Red Berry; .75 oz. creme de cacao dark; Top with Champagne

Ciroc Blu: 1oz. Ciroc vodka; 1 oz. blue curacao; .25 oz. grapefruit juice; .5 oz simple syrup

Havana Coconut Martini: 1.5 oz. Ciroc Coconut; .25 luxardo; .75 oz. simple syrup; .75 oz. grapefruit juice; .75 oz. fresh lime juice

Ciroc Skinny Cosmo: 1 oz. Ciroc Red Berry; 2 oz. cranberry juice; squeeze of lime

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


(featuring my dudette, Jasmine H.) 

I know a lot of Jasmines, but she is one of the coolest.

This is Jasmine.
That awesome jasmine flower arrangement on her shoulder is her tattoo.
(Look at her trying to get her model on!)

She got her shoulder inked back in July. It's a garland of jasmines on Jasmine (*giggle to self). I have to say, this is a cool and unique place to put a floral tattoo. 

It's like a permanent accessory.
It goes with everything. 

Here's a closeup.
Look at the pretty awesome detail.

She also has a bonus tattoo she would like you guys to see...

Love it! Somebody trying to get their pinup on!


Monday, December 26, 2011

Things We Fancy: Heel Condoms! Say What?!

Yes, we too are giggling like third graders at the thought of heel condoms, but to our delight they are real!

Check it!

Wrapping it up never looked so good!
That's fur by the way.
No giggling.

The great people at Glamfoxx may have a hit on their hands. I personally think it's effin' smart. Basically, a heel condom is less like a condom and more like a duvet for your pumps. You can take a plain stiletto and turn it into something all the other girls wish they had. Plus, they are convertible meaning that there is more than one way for them to be worn. It's like getting multiple pairs out of one shoe. Oh I forgot, these are really good for those pumps that aren't airtight. You know what I mean. You're walking and your foot keeps trying to come out. I have that problem too. Heel condoms are good for that extra security.

What didn't I think of that?!

So drag, I love this one. 

No, seriously, why didn't I come up with this? The heel condom is the freaking future! Of course, the more elaborate, the higher the price, but I haven't seen anything over $50. That is like getting another pair of shoes, but is that not what your getting anyway? Hello?! 

Here are my other favorites:

This is so summertime.

My favorite, it's so ballerina chic.

First thought: Minnie Mouse.


I smell a shoe upgrade.



Saturday, December 24, 2011

What's up Italy? (No, I'm not talking about Jersey Shore.)

Italy, you guys are awesome! The language, the culture, the FOOD!

And this yummy boot...the Gucci Alyona bootie.


These boots, a hot Italian guy, and a tiramisu, I would never leave Italy.

Where's a plane ticket when you need it?!

L'italia che amiamo molto. <3


Friday, December 23, 2011

CTTFW! FEUERZANGENBOWLE (Don't even try to pronounce that.)

This and a cozy Christmas sweater (preferably the Stella McCartney version), and we're in business. 

So, I did some research on German Christmas drinks and found this. It's called FEUERZANGENBOWLE. 

Yeah, I know. I can't pronounce it either, but it looks yummy!

FEUERZANGENBOWLE or "Fire Tongs Punch" is a traditional German drink normally consumed around the holiday season. It's fondue meets getting wasted. "Fire Tongs Punch" is dry red wine with cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel (sometimes slices) mixed together in a bowl that is heated. Then, there's this sugar cone put on top called a Zuckerhut (which means "sugar hat," cool name right?) that has been drizzled in rum and then set on fire to melt into the hot wine mixture. 

This is awesome for Christmas parties. Your friends would die over the theatrics of lighting the Zuckerhut, especially if they love wine and setting things on fire as much as I do. 


2 bottles of dry red wine
2 whole cloves
1 cinnamon stick
Lemon juice (2 lemons worth)
Orange juice (2 oranges worth)
1 Zuckerhut (preferably from Sudzucker)
1/2 bottle of rum (must be 108 proof at the least to burn Zuckerhut properly)

Heat wine with cloves, cinnamon, and juices. DON'T BOIL!!!
Then place bowl or pot with a warmer underneath. You may want to strain before pouring, up to you. 
Lay Zuckerhut on top of the bowl or pot with special holder or "tongs." Pour some rum over it.
Light it, and turn out the lights for a private FEUERZANGENBOWLE show!
Use the rest of the rum to keep the Zuckerhut burning until melted completely.
Serve hot in glass mugs or tea cups. 
Note: Make sure you use a spoon to pour the rum or you'll set your house on fire. 


You're getting Weihnachten wasted!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

On the 4th day of RIGHTEOUSNESS my true love gave to me...


Merci France! Daft Punk is in the top ten of the best things that ever happened to me. I LOVE THIS BAND!

No seriously, I freaking love this band!

Here's my plus favori Daft Punk jam of all time.

I could watch Interstella a million times, and it would still be as awesome as the first time.

calins et de baisers.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On the 3rd day of RIGHTEOUSNESS my true love gave to me...


Ryan Gosling who?

I was going to pick Hayden Christensen, and then this sweet piece of half French Canadian, half Mexican man candy showed up. He's majesticial, eh?

That sexy ruggedness in a suit = Yum! 

According to Wikipedia (what a great source), he's from Montreal, and his breakout role was back in 2005 in a movie called C.R.A.Z.Y. It's pretty good, but it's in French. The only French I know is the bridge from the song "Psycho Killer" by The Talking Heads. Don't judge me, Canadian readers. French is hard.

Anyway, Marc-Andre has this whole hipster chic look going on with the whole conquistador 'stache and jawline mini-beard. Don't get me started on the "just rolled out of bed" luscious hair and THE EYES! OMG! I'm pretty sure I'm hypnotized. It's like one minute he's a disheveled sexy mess...

He'd make a yummy drunk. 

...the next his all polished, but still manly as hell.

I die over this look. He's so stylish.

Just when I think Canada can't get anymore awesome (Drake and Ryan Gosling, hello?!), you show me Marc-Andre Grondin. Way to go, Canada!
I would totally smash that.



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On the 2nd day of RIGHTEOUSNESS my true love gave to me...


Homicidal gerbil by Bez.
I love that English humor. 

So, I found some work from an artist named Bez. (Click here to see his work.) Now, his work is the most detailed and colorful that I've ever seen. Some of his work borders on hyperrealism. Apparently, this guy used to make video games which kind of explains the freaky close attention to detail.

Like this geisha (Memoirs of a Geisha obsession anyone???)

He totally did this with a tattoo gun.
If it weren't for the skin sheen,
I'd think she was photographed.

This guy Bez is a beast. He is a tattoo master. He should be the one with his own show right now. Hell, he should be showing at the Louvre. Why is he not showing at the Louvre, UK readers?! You should occupy the Louvre! Hello?!

I mean, look at this!

It looks so real. I want to touch it.

If any of our UK readers know this guy, tell him we say cheers and we are totally internet stalking him now.


Monday, December 19, 2011

On the 1st day of RIGHTEOUSNESS my true love gave to me...

ONE PAIR OF AMERICAN FLAG SHORTS (as seen on Kylie Jenner)!

Yeah baby! Come March, I'm rocking these (if they have my size).

One of the great things about the United States aka HOME aka "God Bless America," is that we can put the American flag on anything, I mean anything! The second great thing about the US is that the American flag is considered a neutral (clothing wise) meaning that it goes with everything even in short form. These American flag shorts by RUNWAYDREAMZ are a must have for my closet.

The shorts are like $160, so if you can't afford them, make them.

(Courtesy of SmokeyPinkLeopard. I love her narration, by the way. It's too funny.)

Do you think these shorts with the American flag Litas would be too much???

I think I'm OD-ing on the fashion patriotism.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

MuSICK: Willow Smith ft. Nicki Minaj:"FireBall"

She's the youngest person in my iTunes playlist, and she's the only eleven year old with songs requested in the club!!! "I whip my hair back and forth!" Repeat like 8 times.

Willow Camille Reign Smith, better known as "Willow", has collaborated with the hottest female rap artist in recent history, Ms. Minaj, to create a jam that sounds like the love child of "Whip My Hair" and Snoop's "Life of the Party", with Ms. Minaj's verse as sprinkles on top!!! (Strange analysis, I know, but any music junkie will understand perfectly). Willow Smith is definitely a leader of her generation. She also proves that girls really do run the world!!! #GirlPower.

And did you check out her dance moves!!!?? #WerkIt Willow!!!

Will and Jada, GREAT job.


Friday, December 16, 2011


The Benson

So, I just got a new dog! He's a little terrier mix that I adopted from the city shelter.

Guess what his name is.....

Benson. "Benny" Benson Bartholomew. (My step-father named him after the gumball machine guy on Regular Show. *eye roll) I found this drink on Food & Wine in honor of him joining our family. It's like a Bloody Mary, but way more complicated and cajun. This is a New Orleans delicacy. There's some crushed arugula, cucumber, and lime juice involved along with really good tequila and sparkling wine. Our goal in the South is to get you wasted!

This drink is a mix of crazy things just like my dog, Benny. So, go try this and toast to my new canine child.


2 slices of seedless cucumber, cut 1/3 inch thick
5 arugula leaves
1 1/2 ounces silver tequila
1/2 ounce fresh lime juice
1/2 ounce Simple Syrup
2 thick strips of lime zest
1 ounce cava (Spanish sparkling wine)
Pinch of coarse salt

Crush the cucumber and arugula gently in shaker to get juices, but no pulp. Add ice. Then add all liquids except the cava. Shake for 20 seconds, and strain into martini glass. Add the cava and a pinch of salt. Garnish with another cucumber slice if you like. 

Note: Don't give this to your dog. THAT'S BAD!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

MuSICK! Drake's Latest,"Take Care"

Take Care album cover.

Mix raw talent with versatility a few hot beats and you've got one AWESOME album!! Drizzy Drake's latest album "Take Care" is one of my favorite albums of 2011. There's not really much I can say to express how dope this album is. It's that good.

Photo from the album.
Drake getting blazed mob style.

Take Care Tracklist:

01. Over My Dead Body (Produced by Noah “40 Shebib)
02. Shot For Me (Produced by Noah “40 Shebib)
03. Headlines (Produced by Boi-1da)
04. Crew Love feat. The Weeknd (Produced by Illangelo & Doc McKinney)
05. Take Care feat. Rihanna (Produced by Jamie XX)
06. Marvins Room / Buried Alive (Interlude) feat. Kendrick Lamar (Produced by Noah “40 Shebib)
07. Underground Kings (Produced by T-Minus)
08. We’ll Be Fine feat. Birdman (Produced by T-Minus)
09. Make Me Proud feat. Nicki Minaj (Produced by T-Minus)
10. Lord Knows feat. Rick Ross (Produced by Just Blaze)
11. Cameras / Good Ones Go (Interlude) (Produced by Noah “40 Shebib)
12. Doing It Wrong feat. Stevie Wonder (Produced by Noah “40 Shebib)
13. The Real Her feat. Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne (Produced by Noah “40 Shebib)
14. HYFR feat. Lil Wayne (Produced by T-Minus)
15. Look What You’ve Done (Produced by Chase N. Cashe)
16. Practice (Produced by Noah “40 Shebib)
17. The Ride (Produced by Noah “40 Shebib)

18. Hate Sleeping Alone (Produced by Noah “40 Shebib)
19. The Motto feat. Lil Wayne (Produced by T-Minus)

Drake staring at a really "figurative" vase. 

Here's my favorite jam from the album:


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

HUMP DAY: Javier Fernandez (Yes, he's a figure skater.)

That's him! Isn't he like a prince charming?

This is Javier Fernandez. He's a figure skater (don't judge), and he's FREAKING HOT! He's so freaking hot that we may have to start watching this whole figure skating business. I mean...I can't lie...I used to think figure skating was LAME, but now, I sincerely take it back. Figure skating is AWESOME! Just as long as Javier Fernandez is on the ice, I'm watching it!

Look at those cheeks!
I'm not talking about the ones on his face. 


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Lindsay's Playboy Cover. I love that chair,
and the retro style Photoshopping.

In mark of Lindsey Lohan's Playboy issue release (the cover above), despite the leak, I present you guys with my most favorite pin up tattoos.

By the way, I saw the spread, and it's pretty classy, in terms of nakedness. She's doing an homage to Marilyn Monroe, whom she's obsessed with. I get it, and it's cool. Go, Lindsay! Don't forget to just say no! You need to get back to being awesome.

Anyway, I've wanted a pin up for years, but I have yet to decide where this foxy lady should go. However, here are some great tattoos for inspiration:

A Betty Paige one.
I love her. Her hair is iconic.

Vargas girl tattoo.
Looks like it was painted on.

I love this pose, and the clever name. 

I'm thinking my pin up is going to be a Betty Paige meets Dorothy Dandridge meets Lady Gaga (style wise) mash up. Great minds...


Monday, December 12, 2011


Robyn performed on SNL (Saturday Night Live) this past weekend, and as usual it blew my mind.

To sum it up in three phrases:

Amazing singing

Floor humping

Cool ass Calvin Klein belt (I would be the one to notice that.)

Anyway, Robyn is a dancing freaking machine. It makes it even more awesome that she can sing while she's flipping over into a floor hump. I love it.

(Had to use this Youtube version with everything mirror opposite. Hulu wasn't working. Apologies.)


Saturday, December 10, 2011


Remember, if your country is featured on this list, SEND US photos, videos, drawings, any non-perishable items that can be sent through cyber space for WEEK OF RIGHTEOUSNESS!

1. United States (That's where we are!)

2. United Kingdom (Shoutouts to the Queen!)

3. Canada (Thanks for giving us Drake!)

4. France (Oui, oui!)

5.Italy (Bellissimo!) 

6. Germany (Thanks for Heidi Klum!) 

Remember to send your coolest stuff to or go to our facebook page.

Now, go and document you and your country's awesomeness and send it to us!


Friday, December 9, 2011


Let's cheers to the freaking weekend! 

The Jade Cocktail.
Just like our birthday girl,
is simple and sweet,
then kicks you in the face with it's

On the 26th, JADE B., our resident fly girl and "red hair don't care," will be celebrating her 22nd birthday. 

That's her down there...

In honor of the glorious occasion (which will be similar to The Hangover, I'm sure), I found this lovely cocktail. It's classy and sweet, but with that mix of rum and mint liqueur, it's sure to pack a little punch just like Jade (the girl, not the drink). 


8 Parts Rum
2 Parts Lime Juice
1 Part Green Mint Liqueur
1 Part Triple Sec

Fill shaker with ice cubes. Add ingredients. Shake and strain into a martini glass.
Boom! Your in the process of getting birthday wasted. 

Recipe and photo courtesy of Absolut.


Thursday, December 8, 2011


So, Ajia Z. and I have been in talks of doing something for our readers where we not only show you guys how much we appreciate your support and enthusiasm for our CRAZY, but also to celebrate LIPSTICK & SH!T's Anniversary! (It's been six whole months, you guys.)

This what we came up with:

The elusive ape-dog.

We were going give ape-dog puppies away as gifts, but they don't really exist. So, we had to use our not as elaborate, but still pretty effin' awesome backup plan. For the whole week before Christmas we will be incorporating things we fancy about our top six audiences into our posts for the week. Now, audiences are numbers we check every week to see which countries are reading our blog the most. We'll post our top six audiences on Saturday, and if you see your home-country on our list, start sending in pics, videos, poems, suggestions, whatever you think is cool about you and your country.

You guys can send us things one of two ways:

1. Via email at

2. Post on our Facebook Page. Click here to go there now. 

In a few weeks, you may just see yourself on our blog.

Thank you guys for being awesome!



It's Grace, with her style and...umm...grace.

I know what you're thinking. It looks like some put ribbon in a boys' boot. 

That's the joy of Dr. Martens Grace. 

Remember when I wrote about NYC style and used this boot as an example for Dr. Martens, well...I've been obsessed ever since. I have to have this boot. 

Patent leather + Polka dot ribbon = Righteousness.

It's like hardcore meets girly, which is the framework of my style. I like to mix tough things like spike details with soft things like lace or Peter Pan collars. This boot would be great with a cute little cream chiffon dress, or really casual with like an oversized sweater and leggings. See, I already have my outfits planned out. 

If I were wearing these, this lovely image is what I'd see.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GUY YOU WANNA HUMP: Chord Overstreet aka Trouty Mouth

Look at him with those hot ass Malcaulay lips.

So, Chord Overstreet returned to Glee last night. Of course, we all knew this ahead of time, but we were nonetheless happy to see his fine ass on the television half naked as usual.

Back to last night, they found Sam Evans aka Trouty Mouth aka Chord Overstreet stripping like a Chippendale, or as a friend of mine would call it, "Workin' and Twerkin'." If only he were a Chippendale for real, goodness...

Trouty Mouth has a banging body.

Anyway, he came back to Glee last night giving the crew a much needed boost, and of course, now he wants to get back with resident Aretha Franklin re-incarnation, Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley). I was like WHOA! Trouty Mouth has a thing for ebony, honey! I knew that after Santana (Naya Rivera), his character had no choice but to go for the chocolate, and thick chocolate nonetheless. I love it. It gives me hope that I'll have those voluptuous lips all over me one day. I mean, I can't really sing, but I'm a snappy dresser, and I'm cute. That's all I need.

See more Chord Overstreet:

Push-ups in shades. That's how you get those abs, boys.


Photos courtesy of Just Jared.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Tattoo Tuesday: The Adventure Time Obsession Club.

Adventure Time! C'mon and grab your friends. Let's all go to mystic lands. Jake the dog and Finn the human. The fun that never ends...Adventure Time!

It's Finn & Jake!
I want something simple like this one.
Yes, as you all can see, I am completely obsessed with Adventure Time. All of my friends know about it, and they think I'm crazy. What do they know, right? Anyway, to commemorate my love of Finn & Jake and The Land of Ooo, I want to get a tattoo. (That rhymed!)

I see others have beaten me to it, which is a good thing. I know what to expect if I decide to make this happen. 

Here are some others I found:

Adventure Time sleeve (front).
Adventure Time sleeve (back).

Lady Rainicorn. She only speaks Korean. How cool is that?!
Hopefully by Christmas time, I will make a decision. I know this is for sure...I WILL be getting a tattoo before the month is over.

For more Adventure Time go to: Cartoon Network or Frederator.