Saturday, September 6, 2014

Recipe for Red Potatoes and Chicken Casserole

Serving size: 6
Prep time: 1.5 hours


9 red potatoes
4 chicken breast
2 cups of cheese
10-12 green onion
5 slices of turkey bacon
Garlic powder
Olive oil 

Step 1: preheat oven to 500 degrees
Step 2: wash and dice red potatoes
Step 3: season potatoes w/olive oil paprika, salt, pepper, and garlic powder
Step 4: place potatoes in oiled non stick  cassarole dish and bake for 40-50 minutes stirring every 15
Step 5: wash and dice chicken breast into small bites (wash hands)
Step 6: season chicken as the potatoes or your liking
Step 7: slice up and fry the turkey bacon into bits (wash hands)
Step 8: dice green onion while bacon cooks
Step 9: once potatoes are done, layer the raw chicken, then cheese, the diced green onion, topped with bacon bits
Step 10: bake for 20 more minutes or until chicken is completely done.

Enjoy!! 💕 (serve with ranch, or sour cream...yum yum sauce, sweet baby ray's, you get my drift 😉)