Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Zombie Boy for Thierry Mugler.

I know what you guys are thinking. What the hell are you thinking? He is way too tatted up.

Silly kids, you can never be too tatted up as long as you can make room. However, I don't know if Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest has any room left. I've never seen him naked. *wink, wink. 

Creepy or cute? Why can't he be both?
Like a Furby.

So, Zombie Boy got his start in the "Born This Way" video. Now, if you've never seen Gaga's pivotal music video, open a new tab and watch it. You should be ashamed. Anyway, he was all up and through that video. Gaga loved him so much, she got him a job with Thierry Mugler, a righteous combination. Now, he's a model. Yes, this heavily tattooed, hot man corpse has the same job as Tyson Beckford. Personally, I like Zombie Boy way better. He scares me, yet, I find him utterly sexy. 

Even Gaga wants to be him...

Did I mention he's Canadian? Who knew Canada had this potential?! Nice and homely out the window. 

He smiles. Told you!

Additional Stuff:

Zombie Boy Without Tattoos

Zombie Boy for Inked Magazine

Zombie Boy for Auslander


Monday, January 30, 2012

TWF: Maple Glazed Bacon Donuts!!!

YES!! It's true!! Donuts smothered in fresh, crispy, salty & sweet bits of BACON!! As if that isn't enough, they are pre-glazed with a maple icing!! Mmmmmmmm!!! My mouth waters just talking about them!! And they taste even better than they sound! I didn't make these myself though, my stomach wouldn't have had the patience to wait! So where do you find these awesome treats? If you are in Mobile Alabama you've probably already guessed Pollman's Bakery! Pollman's is known for there delectable treats, cakes, brownies, and especially the infamous Mardi Gras cake (that comes with a naked baby!) lol. There are three locations in Mobile, Broad St., one downtown, and one off McGregor. If you aren't in town just google em and you are bound to find some awesome bakery who sells them. Kudos to the brilliant mind behind this treat!! #SALUTE =)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Guy ya wanna 'Hump' (but can't) Day Wednesday: Maja

Yes I went there!! lol Why can't you hump him you ask?? Because he's allll MINE!!! lol But he made it to this post because girls like guys with skills and the brotha has more talent than Appollo! Check out his latest song "Rat-Na" #CertifiedClunBanga

LISTEN UUUUP!!!! This is another FULLTIMEHUSTLA production!! This beat & song are both MAJA made! He raps, produces, and just for me he sings!!!! What a man!!! =) Follow him on Twiiter by clicking MAJA, "LIKE" his fb fan page by clicking MAJA FB and get more MAJA by following this YouTube link.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So, I'm trying to get one of my best friends to get her first tattoo...

...not this one exactly, but something similar.

She's a closet Hello Kitty fan. So, am I, and my goal for the new year (besides finding a steady boytoy) is to get her INKED! Nothing crazy, I mean, it's her first tattoo. I would be the one getting the Hannibal Lecter Kitty. She could get something cute and simple like this...


So, cheer me on as I succeed in the ULTIMATE PEER PRESSURE FEAT! Getting my BiFF tattooed for the first time! She shall be an ink virgin NO MORE!


Monday, January 23, 2012

TWF: Gianni Bini Wedges

The rightful owner of these bad azz shoes is one of my favorite cousins Abra Caddabra (pictured below just chillaxin bein pretty)!! She has an entire collection of hot heels that include a few pair of Gianni Bini's wedge heels (pictured above & below). Not only are they HAUUUTE they're very comfortable!! Every girl should own a pair...or two...or three...honestly, a girl can't ever have too many!!

For more Gianni Bini visit your local Dillard's or visit >>> Gianni Bini

Friday, January 20, 2012

CTTFW: Doggy Style

Gin & juice like ya never seen it before!! Seagrams has finally introduced this genius idea of pre-mixing gin with juice and it is on the shelf! Properly called 'Gin & Juice', Seagrams juices come in a variety of flavors from Lemon-Berry Blaze to Purple Rage and my personal favorite Blue Beast (bka 'Papa Smurf' to the Elite). At less than 20 bucks a bottle you can enjoy a few flavors!! Or invite a few friends (everyone bring a different flavor) and have a GANGSTA PARTY!!! lol s/o out to Snoooop!! Enjoy RESPONSIBLY :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

TWF: Natalia Kills!

I had to post this video because everything about Natalia Kills is RIGHTEOUS!

Her style is ridiculous (make note of the monochrome blazer she's working) and she rather kill her boyfriend than hurt his feelings by breaking up with him for her ex. That's so sweet! If only, I could be so humanitarian.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We just thought you should know...

Yes, we are that muthereffin' righteous.

Thanks Harry Potter fan for helping us creep out our readers!


Monday, January 9, 2012


So Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby is finally here, and of course like the rest of the world, we're freaking the f!ck out!

I bet she's awesome.

Anyway, while everyone wants details and pictures. We at LIPSTICK & SH!T are thinking about what we would've bought her. You know, like if we were her parents' friends, their equally rich friends...I can see it, in my mind.

Ok, so this is what we would've bought...

'Cause every baby should have a leather Burberry diaper bag.

This Ralph Lauren double tiered, pleated dress is for the daytime when she leaves the hospital.

This Ralph Lauren velvet dress is for the nighttime at her welcome home bash at the 40/40 Club.(I bet that's happening.)

I know! We would make dope aunties right?! Blue Ivy Carter don't know what she missing! Hey!

Congrats Jay & Bey! You officially have the most envied child in THE WORLD. 


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Retro Glam: 80's Inspired Make-Up

If I've heard it once I've heard it a thousand times..."history repeats itself." So what fashionably flyy phase is make-up currently in??

80's BABY!!!

Fun, bright, funky, & flirty colors are all the rage. Here are some pics that I found very #HAUTE!!

I'm not sure who she is but she's #werrrkkinit!! lol

My girl Bey in her "Video Phone" video showing off her 'cat' eyes

The trendsetter >> the one and only Madonna!!!

Check out this 'Rock Diva' ad from Sephora

me (Ajia-Z) gettin my 'retro glam' on!

I love bright colors & make-up so much that I will DEFINITELY be creating a 'retro glam' tutorial A.S.A.P.!! Stay tuned!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Special TATTOO Thursday!

It's Jerzday! (Yes, I'm watching Jersey Shore right now.)

Anyway, I GOT TATTOOED TODAY! Literally like two hours ago.


It's a ram. 'Cause I'm an Aries.

It's no geisha riding a tiger over a rainbow, but I love it. I just wanted something simple and quick as a belated Christmas present. However, I'm sure you guys are more interested in the process...

Tom is putting on the stencil.

The beginning and me trying not to cry
from the pain.

Tom getting into those lines.
He's a genius, BTW.

Me holding my homegirl's hand. 
If you're ever in the Mobile, Alabama area, go to Tattoo Zone on Moffett Rd. across from Hardee's. They will definitely hook you up, for sure!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Napoleon Dynamite, the cartoon, premieres on FOX January, 15. I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!! He was the first weird comedy character crush I had back in the tenth grade. (Yes, I'm getting quite old.) After that was McLovin'.

Anyway, this cartoon is being hyped up beyond belief, and I hope that FOX does the original characters justice. I mean, everyone is back voicing their characters right down to Grandma Dynamite who was barely in the movie. I personally think it's going to be epic. Maybe, The Simpsons can get that retirement everyone has been looking for. I doubt it. Springfield will be here when we're all dead and gone. 

Everyone is back! Including Tina, the llama.

Tighty whities and bear claw slippers...SWOON!

One of the great bromances of our time. 


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

If Disney Princesses were real people, they'd be way hotter.

So, I'm waiting to post Tattoo Tuesday because on Thursday, I plan on getting my first tattoo of the New Year. (It's a tradition of mine.) So, come back Thursday for that.

Anyway, I was searching the internet for interesting aka weird sh!t and stumbled upon this gem.

What Disney Princesses would look like if they were real people...

I thought to myself:  Is this like how Barbie would look like if she were real? Because, that really crushed my soul to see that Barbie would actually look like a deformed porn star. However, you never judge a title by it's words...if that makes any sense. Anyway, I was not expecting this...

That's Jasmine from Aladdin. Dead serious.
If she were real, Kim Kardashian would be
married to Ray J right now.  

HOLY CRAP-OLA, RIGHT?! Apparently, this guy named Jirka Vinse Jonatan Vaatainen designed these. I've never met him, but I think he's a genius. I heard that he did research by using the faces of real women to help construct the "real" Disney Princesses. That's called dedication to something that's really unimportant as far as society goes. However, this is LIPSTICK & SH!T.  For us, this is life changing. This brings us one step closer to the live-action adaption of these Princess movies! Hello?! This is brilliant.

Here are all the other Princesses:



Who looks a little like Taylor Swift...

Who's not a princess, but looks awesome!



Someone call Dakota Fanning now!

Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty.
Looking like a supermodel circa Cindy Crawford.

Snow White.

Who looks suspiciously like Anika Noni Rose...
the actress who voiced her in the movie.
Just saying...