Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Zombie Boy for Thierry Mugler.

I know what you guys are thinking. What the hell are you thinking? He is way too tatted up.

Silly kids, you can never be too tatted up as long as you can make room. However, I don't know if Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest has any room left. I've never seen him naked. *wink, wink. 

Creepy or cute? Why can't he be both?
Like a Furby.

So, Zombie Boy got his start in the "Born This Way" video. Now, if you've never seen Gaga's pivotal music video, open a new tab and watch it. You should be ashamed. Anyway, he was all up and through that video. Gaga loved him so much, she got him a job with Thierry Mugler, a righteous combination. Now, he's a model. Yes, this heavily tattooed, hot man corpse has the same job as Tyson Beckford. Personally, I like Zombie Boy way better. He scares me, yet, I find him utterly sexy. 

Even Gaga wants to be him...

Did I mention he's Canadian? Who knew Canada had this potential?! Nice and homely out the window. 

He smiles. Told you!

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