Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CreativeGenius: Kandi Banks

Sooooo! *deep sigh...i've been away from my blog entirely too long! And the hardest part about getting back in the groove is deciding what is post worthy. A few moments ago while doing my hourly scroll on Instagram, I was stopped in my tracks by the following photograph:
Yes! That's a penis and testicles (BAWLSZ LMAO), MuvaRoseBud (Amber Rose), a big ol' booty & some tigobitties (free the ta-tas)! And this 'handy work' belongs to one of my favorite nail artist Kandi Banks bka Kandi Yamz (no, she hasn't actually done my nails, yet...I was exposed to her via Instagram & once you follow her you'll understand why she's my fav). She's from the Bay Area (always reppin'), owns a Nail Art Studio in Long Beach Cali, and is opening KandiLandMelrose very soon! She's won dozens of nail art competitions internationally & she's even done Nicki Minaj's nails several times. Scroll through her IG (CLICK HERE for KaniYamz IG) and you'll see she's the go to girl for lots of A-List celebs. Kandi Yamz is also a tv personality & was featured on Oxygen network's Nail'd It! She brought lots of spunk & pizazz that not many girls have. If she told me that she sweat glitter, i wouldn't freak' doubt it! Check out some of the beauty's work below:

 What I love most about Kandi is her personality. She switches up her accent (as do i) from time to time on IG videos and bygolly she just makes me feel a tad less crazy and a bit more cool for being one of 'those ppl'. She's down to earth, inspiring, funny, but above all a creative genius. She creates the neatest most intricate nail art i've seen. Her 3D nail art looks so real its scary lol one time she put a fried chicken wing on someones nail it made my mouth water lord jesus lmao jk but it was soon good! lol She's not only about show either. She always emphasizes on nail health and safety. And best of all she's representing for my SlimThick squad (woo woop!) lmao so yea, i love her. Thanks Kandi for giving a ninja something blog worthy today. Stay awesome! Hope to see you in Melrose one of these days! xoxo @AjiaZ :)