Friday, June 21, 2013

TWF: The First Ever 3-D Printed Dress! Ermagerd!!!

This is Dita Von Teese. (Yes, she's gorgeous, calm down.) The dress she's werking like no tomorrow was fabricated by a printer. Real life! Not joking.

Michael Schmidt designed the gown with  architect, Francis Bitonti. They took a 3-D digital rendering of Dita's actual body, and fit the design to the form, so that it fit her perfectly. It was printed in 17 pieces with 3,000 individual joints for maliability and movement. Then, the dress was lacquered black and covered with 12,000 jet black Swarvoski Crystals. It was shown at a symposium at the Ace Hotel in NYC a few months ago and in LA last week. 

I should have been there. 

There's a video of Dita modeling the dress and the showing of the whole fabrication process as narrated by the designer in the Times article where I read about this new frontier in fashion. 

Here's the link:

If this is the future of fashion and my boobs are going to look that great in said future fashion ensemble, then I'm super excited and can't wait to see what happens next. 

References and photo courtesy of Times. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

'Dat Money' Pikasso

WE ON WOOOOORRRRLLLDSTAAAARRRR NIKKAH!! lmao Okay okay yall know I had to get a little ratchet on behalf of my favorite artist (my baby brother) PIKASSO finally being recognized publicly via 'Dat Money' (released 05/13, produced by QueTrax) is the first single from Pikasso's upcoming project which is currently untitled. Video directed by JBD of ImageNation Academy.'Dat Money' is available for purchase on iTunes NOW (click here)! Pikasso recently flooded the streets with his 7th mix tape entitled 'MAX OUT' which can be downloaded FREE HERE ---> 'MAX OUT'! FullTimeHustla gear also available online now (click here)! Visit Pikasso's official website for the latest news, updates, and gear. STAY TUNED MUCH MORE COMING SOON! #CHECKHISRESUME --->> Follow Pikasso on Twitter @Pikasso251 & Instagram @Pikassofly.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'Dirty Laundry' - Kelly Rowland

YES!! IT IS EVERYTHING YOU'RE IMAGINING! STOP!! DONT ADD YOUR TWO CENTS JUST LISTEN TO EXACTLY WHAT SHE TELLS YOU. Okay so first of all I LOVE Kelly Rowland!!! Growing up my sisters & I were OBSESSED with Destiny's Child and yes of course I was Kelly!! She represents for us beautiful dark brown girls and her existence made me more confident as a kid. Not only is she beautiful she is BRILLIANT! Now replay the song & disregard EVERYTHING you've heard anywhere but out of her mouth. This girl (just like many of us, our sisters, and mothers) has been abused. Most women keep these things secret not knowing sharing could actually save a life. Having the star power she does makes her voice heard by millions which means this song alone could potentially save numerous lives and that makes me love her 100 times more! She tells her story poetically with beautiful strength and I thank her for that. Yes I know it gets deeper but leave that up to her to share with the world. Thanks Kelly I LOVE You! We will meet one day & I'll interview you (fingers crossed)! Just wait you guys!! lol Peace & Love, Ajia Z.