Thursday, June 6, 2013

'Dat Money' Pikasso

WE ON WOOOOORRRRLLLDSTAAAARRRR NIKKAH!! lmao Okay okay yall know I had to get a little ratchet on behalf of my favorite artist (my baby brother) PIKASSO finally being recognized publicly via 'Dat Money' (released 05/13, produced by QueTrax) is the first single from Pikasso's upcoming project which is currently untitled. Video directed by JBD of ImageNation Academy.'Dat Money' is available for purchase on iTunes NOW (click here)! Pikasso recently flooded the streets with his 7th mix tape entitled 'MAX OUT' which can be downloaded FREE HERE ---> 'MAX OUT'! FullTimeHustla gear also available online now (click here)! Visit Pikasso's official website for the latest news, updates, and gear. STAY TUNED MUCH MORE COMING SOON! #CHECKHISRESUME --->> Follow Pikasso on Twitter @Pikasso251 & Instagram @Pikassofly.

1 comment:

  1. thats great he made it onto world star... thats only the beginning of great things to come