Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'Dirty Laundry' - Kelly Rowland

YES!! IT IS EVERYTHING YOU'RE IMAGINING! STOP!! DONT ADD YOUR TWO CENTS JUST LISTEN TO EXACTLY WHAT SHE TELLS YOU. Okay so first of all I LOVE Kelly Rowland!!! Growing up my sisters & I were OBSESSED with Destiny's Child and yes of course I was Kelly!! She represents for us beautiful dark brown girls and her existence made me more confident as a kid. Not only is she beautiful she is BRILLIANT! Now replay the song & disregard EVERYTHING you've heard anywhere but out of her mouth. This girl (just like many of us, our sisters, and mothers) has been abused. Most women keep these things secret not knowing sharing could actually save a life. Having the star power she does makes her voice heard by millions which means this song alone could potentially save numerous lives and that makes me love her 100 times more! She tells her story poetically with beautiful strength and I thank her for that. Yes I know it gets deeper but leave that up to her to share with the world. Thanks Kelly I LOVE You! We will meet one day & I'll interview you (fingers crossed)! Just wait you guys!! lol Peace & Love, Ajia Z.

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  1. It's crazy to know she went through such things, she hid it well.... and it's even more crazy to know that DC3 is singing about kelly in their songs GIRL AND BAD HABIT