Monday, December 26, 2011

Things We Fancy: Heel Condoms! Say What?!

Yes, we too are giggling like third graders at the thought of heel condoms, but to our delight they are real!

Check it!

Wrapping it up never looked so good!
That's fur by the way.
No giggling.

The great people at Glamfoxx may have a hit on their hands. I personally think it's effin' smart. Basically, a heel condom is less like a condom and more like a duvet for your pumps. You can take a plain stiletto and turn it into something all the other girls wish they had. Plus, they are convertible meaning that there is more than one way for them to be worn. It's like getting multiple pairs out of one shoe. Oh I forgot, these are really good for those pumps that aren't airtight. You know what I mean. You're walking and your foot keeps trying to come out. I have that problem too. Heel condoms are good for that extra security.

What didn't I think of that?!

So drag, I love this one. 

No, seriously, why didn't I come up with this? The heel condom is the freaking future! Of course, the more elaborate, the higher the price, but I haven't seen anything over $50. That is like getting another pair of shoes, but is that not what your getting anyway? Hello?! 

Here are my other favorites:

This is so summertime.

My favorite, it's so ballerina chic.

First thought: Minnie Mouse.


I smell a shoe upgrade.



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