Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Lindsay's Playboy Cover. I love that chair,
and the retro style Photoshopping.

In mark of Lindsey Lohan's Playboy issue release (the cover above), despite the leak, I present you guys with my most favorite pin up tattoos.

By the way, I saw the spread, and it's pretty classy, in terms of nakedness. She's doing an homage to Marilyn Monroe, whom she's obsessed with. I get it, and it's cool. Go, Lindsay! Don't forget to just say no! You need to get back to being awesome.

Anyway, I've wanted a pin up for years, but I have yet to decide where this foxy lady should go. However, here are some great tattoos for inspiration:

A Betty Paige one.
I love her. Her hair is iconic.

Vargas girl tattoo.
Looks like it was painted on.

I love this pose, and the clever name. 

I'm thinking my pin up is going to be a Betty Paige meets Dorothy Dandridge meets Lady Gaga (style wise) mash up. Great minds...


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