Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Tattoo Tuesday! Breakups Edition!

To mark this glorious day of the pending divorce between Kim K. and Kris H., let's go over the reasons why you should never get a bf, gf, man-friend, cutty-buddy, husband, or wife's name tattooed on your body. (Not that they did it, I hope.)

1. Just because you like someone doesn't mean that their name needs to be branded into your skin. Get them a real gift like a gift card to Macy's or a body wash set from Bath & Body Works.

2. Showing your love for someone by tattooing it on you doesn't mean it's going to last forever like the tattoo will, because just like that tattoo, one day you may have to remove the person you claimed to love so much six months ago.

3. If you haven't been dating and living together (simultaneously) long enough to be considered common law, then you need to consider getting a different tattoo like a skull or a bunny.

4. The divorce rate in America is like 1 in 2, which is 50% (maybe higher), so if you haven't been married for....to be on the safe side....for 3 years or more, don't even think about tattooing each other's names on your bodies. Marriages these days are fickle and fleeting. Within the year, you're back on the dating scene.

5. If he or she has cheated on you, doesn't matter how many times, DON'T DO IT!

6. If you've been engaged for longer than a year, and it's not because money is too tight for a wedding right now, but because maybe one of you is stalling, DON'T DO IT!

7. If you just met this person between yesterday and six months ago, married or unmarried, I know crazy sh*t happens in Vegas, but DON'T DO IT!

8. If your other half treats you like crap on the sidewalk, DON'T DO IT! A couple tattoo very rarely warms a cold heart.

9. If you want to put the tattoo somewhere you can hide it, THAT'S A SUBCONSCIOUS SIGN!!! HELLO!!! DON'T DO IT!

10. If you're the only one getting a COUPLE'S TATTOO, then DON'T DO IT! You're not going to be a couple for long, and you'll be the one who has to live with the result of it every day.

Just remember kids, love is awesome. 

However, few loves last forever, but unfortunately (in this case), tattoos do. 

Think before you ink.


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