Monday, January 30, 2012

TWF: Maple Glazed Bacon Donuts!!!

YES!! It's true!! Donuts smothered in fresh, crispy, salty & sweet bits of BACON!! As if that isn't enough, they are pre-glazed with a maple icing!! Mmmmmmmm!!! My mouth waters just talking about them!! And they taste even better than they sound! I didn't make these myself though, my stomach wouldn't have had the patience to wait! So where do you find these awesome treats? If you are in Mobile Alabama you've probably already guessed Pollman's Bakery! Pollman's is known for there delectable treats, cakes, brownies, and especially the infamous Mardi Gras cake (that comes with a naked baby!) lol. There are three locations in Mobile, Broad St., one downtown, and one off McGregor. If you aren't in town just google em and you are bound to find some awesome bakery who sells them. Kudos to the brilliant mind behind this treat!! #SALUTE =)

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