Sunday, June 26, 2011

Munchie Meals: Mac 'N Cheese Croquettes

Everyone knows I love cheese.
Like seriously, I will bite you/stab you with a fork if you touch anything cheese related on my plate.
Especially my Mac 'n Cheese Croquettes.
I will bust a cap in your ass over one of these. It's a fried piece of heavenly heart attack. It is Mac 'n Cheese "to-go." You don't need a plate especially if you don't have manners. It's the best invention since ramen noodles.
First, it's FRIED MAC 'N CHEESE! Hello! Second, it's super easy to make. It's so easy that you can get creative or fancy with it and add some truffles like this version...

Oprah's eating one of these right now.
Here's the recipe. Now, go make me some with truffles and gold flakes.


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