Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Napoleon Dynamite, the cartoon, premieres on FOX January, 15. I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!! He was the first weird comedy character crush I had back in the tenth grade. (Yes, I'm getting quite old.) After that was McLovin'.

Anyway, this cartoon is being hyped up beyond belief, and I hope that FOX does the original characters justice. I mean, everyone is back voicing their characters right down to Grandma Dynamite who was barely in the movie. I personally think it's going to be epic. Maybe, The Simpsons can get that retirement everyone has been looking for. I doubt it. Springfield will be here when we're all dead and gone. 

Everyone is back! Including Tina, the llama.

Tighty whities and bear claw slippers...SWOON!

One of the great bromances of our time. 


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