Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Special TATTOO Thursday!

It's Jerzday! (Yes, I'm watching Jersey Shore right now.)

Anyway, I GOT TATTOOED TODAY! Literally like two hours ago.


It's a ram. 'Cause I'm an Aries.

It's no geisha riding a tiger over a rainbow, but I love it. I just wanted something simple and quick as a belated Christmas present. However, I'm sure you guys are more interested in the process...

Tom is putting on the stencil.

The beginning and me trying not to cry
from the pain.

Tom getting into those lines.
He's a genius, BTW.

Me holding my homegirl's hand. 
If you're ever in the Mobile, Alabama area, go to Tattoo Zone on Moffett Rd. across from Hardee's. They will definitely hook you up, for sure!


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