Monday, January 9, 2012


So Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby is finally here, and of course like the rest of the world, we're freaking the f!ck out!

I bet she's awesome.

Anyway, while everyone wants details and pictures. We at LIPSTICK & SH!T are thinking about what we would've bought her. You know, like if we were her parents' friends, their equally rich friends...I can see it, in my mind.

Ok, so this is what we would've bought...

'Cause every baby should have a leather Burberry diaper bag.

This Ralph Lauren double tiered, pleated dress is for the daytime when she leaves the hospital.

This Ralph Lauren velvet dress is for the nighttime at her welcome home bash at the 40/40 Club.(I bet that's happening.)

I know! We would make dope aunties right?! Blue Ivy Carter don't know what she missing! Hey!

Congrats Jay & Bey! You officially have the most envied child in THE WORLD. 


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