Friday, December 23, 2011

CTTFW! FEUERZANGENBOWLE (Don't even try to pronounce that.)

This and a cozy Christmas sweater (preferably the Stella McCartney version), and we're in business. 

So, I did some research on German Christmas drinks and found this. It's called FEUERZANGENBOWLE. 

Yeah, I know. I can't pronounce it either, but it looks yummy!

FEUERZANGENBOWLE or "Fire Tongs Punch" is a traditional German drink normally consumed around the holiday season. It's fondue meets getting wasted. "Fire Tongs Punch" is dry red wine with cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel (sometimes slices) mixed together in a bowl that is heated. Then, there's this sugar cone put on top called a Zuckerhut (which means "sugar hat," cool name right?) that has been drizzled in rum and then set on fire to melt into the hot wine mixture. 

This is awesome for Christmas parties. Your friends would die over the theatrics of lighting the Zuckerhut, especially if they love wine and setting things on fire as much as I do. 


2 bottles of dry red wine
2 whole cloves
1 cinnamon stick
Lemon juice (2 lemons worth)
Orange juice (2 oranges worth)
1 Zuckerhut (preferably from Sudzucker)
1/2 bottle of rum (must be 108 proof at the least to burn Zuckerhut properly)

Heat wine with cloves, cinnamon, and juices. DON'T BOIL!!!
Then place bowl or pot with a warmer underneath. You may want to strain before pouring, up to you. 
Lay Zuckerhut on top of the bowl or pot with special holder or "tongs." Pour some rum over it.
Light it, and turn out the lights for a private FEUERZANGENBOWLE show!
Use the rest of the rum to keep the Zuckerhut burning until melted completely.
Serve hot in glass mugs or tea cups. 
Note: Make sure you use a spoon to pour the rum or you'll set your house on fire. 


You're getting Weihnachten wasted!


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