Thursday, December 8, 2011


So, Ajia Z. and I have been in talks of doing something for our readers where we not only show you guys how much we appreciate your support and enthusiasm for our CRAZY, but also to celebrate LIPSTICK & SH!T's Anniversary! (It's been six whole months, you guys.)

This what we came up with:

The elusive ape-dog.

We were going give ape-dog puppies away as gifts, but they don't really exist. So, we had to use our not as elaborate, but still pretty effin' awesome backup plan. For the whole week before Christmas we will be incorporating things we fancy about our top six audiences into our posts for the week. Now, audiences are numbers we check every week to see which countries are reading our blog the most. We'll post our top six audiences on Saturday, and if you see your home-country on our list, start sending in pics, videos, poems, suggestions, whatever you think is cool about you and your country.

You guys can send us things one of two ways:

1. Via email at

2. Post on our Facebook Page. Click here to go there now. 

In a few weeks, you may just see yourself on our blog.

Thank you guys for being awesome!


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