Thursday, August 4, 2011

Adventures in TJ Maxx!

Ok so, I didn't want to wait in a doctor's office (siblings getting check ups for school), so I left and went to TJ Maxx. If you live in Mobile, I'm talking about the good one next to Fresh Market (Fresh Market is righteous by the way).

Anyway, I bought these.

Aren't they just darlin'?

They're from some label called Pelle Moda. They're hunter green suede. They look gray here, but I know my colors. These shoes are hunter green. The color is not what's important. THEY WERE ONLY $30!!! Yes, I'm serious, and they were not on sale.

It's me in them. You can see the tag. Lol!
They are way taller than they look. I think I'm going to wear them out tomorrow night. Yeah, I'm so going to do that.


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