Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GUY YOU WANNA HUMP: Chord Overstreet aka Trouty Mouth

Look at him with those hot ass Malcaulay lips.

So, Chord Overstreet returned to Glee last night. Of course, we all knew this ahead of time, but we were nonetheless happy to see his fine ass on the television half naked as usual.

Back to last night, they found Sam Evans aka Trouty Mouth aka Chord Overstreet stripping like a Chippendale, or as a friend of mine would call it, "Workin' and Twerkin'." If only he were a Chippendale for real, goodness...

Trouty Mouth has a banging body.

Anyway, he came back to Glee last night giving the crew a much needed boost, and of course, now he wants to get back with resident Aretha Franklin re-incarnation, Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley). I was like WHOA! Trouty Mouth has a thing for ebony, honey! I knew that after Santana (Naya Rivera), his character had no choice but to go for the chocolate, and thick chocolate nonetheless. I love it. It gives me hope that I'll have those voluptuous lips all over me one day. I mean, I can't really sing, but I'm a snappy dresser, and I'm cute. That's all I need.

See more Chord Overstreet:

Push-ups in shades. That's how you get those abs, boys.


Photos courtesy of Just Jared.



  1. hahah uber cute pictures! I am here via the link you tweeted me :)

  2. Thanks for the support! You're awesome!