Saturday, October 8, 2011

TWF: Man Glaze! Middle Fingers Up.

So, if you're hardcore and you know it, clap your hands. Now, whoever clapped there hands just now is not really hardcore. Every headbanger knows that clapping is for weenies, but you wanna know what's not for weenies...nail polish fool.

Thus, I bring you Man Glaze. They invented matte polish. Forget what that chick at Sephora told you. She knows nothing. However, I do like Sephora. However, they don't sell Man Glaze...what the hell, Sephora?! Anyway, Man Glaze was born in the UK back in 2007, and I just recently re-found them.
Check this bottle out. Have you seen anything so legit?! I highly doubt it.

Hot Mess aka FishDicks.
Glitter Topcoat.
Sexy name.
I know what you're thinking right now! This is majestic. If you're thinking that, I totally agree. If you're confused, someone dropped you as an infant. It's not you're fault. We still like you anyway.

Back to Man Glaze's awesomeness, not only are the names great but the label work is done by some serious heavy to the core artists like Joe Simko and Jason Atomic. Not to mention, their bio is just "middle fingers up" (their site logo, check your tabs people). Apparently, they thought up this brand while really smashfaced. Brilliant.

Here are my other favorites from Man Glaze...which is basically the whole site.

Fuggen Ugly.
Matte Grey.
Best name.

Matte Is Murder.
Matte Black.
The Original.

Matte White.
Bomb Label.

Royal Matterimoaning.
Sapphire Blue Shimmer.
Tribute to the
Royal Wedding.

Matte Topcoat.
Heart the label.

Fuck Off & Dye
Matte Pink.
Enough said.

Now, go break something. Not your nails though. Bad idea.


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