Tuesday, September 13, 2011

'Hump' Day Wednesday with Ryan Gosling (Goodness.)

Gosling being hot on the cover of GQ.
Gosling being hot on GQ again.
He's like a Canadian James Dean. Ugh. 
And now his shirt is off.
That ain't right.

To whom do we owe thanks for this scrumpdiddlyumptious slab of mancandy?? Canada!! So we're gonna call him 'Canadian Bacon' (only because thats the only thing righteous Canada has given America, other than not so sexy Drizzy). Anywho, Ryan Gosling has the sexiest dork look in Hollywood. Just look at those dreamy puppy eyes.....*exhale. His swagg is sooo charming he doesn't even have to talk. The Mickey Mouse club sure bred some sexy mofos. Ryan often plays misfits which probably adds to his sexy....bad-asses turn everyone on. Did I mention he was from London, Ontario Canada that is...how hot is that!? The latest on Gosling is that he's dating Eva Mendez. She's hot so i'm not even mad.

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