Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Tattoo Tuesday...and these morons really love FOOD.

This is REAL devotion...devotion to morbid obesity.

Yep. That's a hot dog...with all the fixin's.
God, this man or woman is hairy.

Just because it's your favorite food, doesn't mean it should go on your body. I like Philly Cheese-steak, but I don't have a huge one tattooed on my face. I'm just saying...common sense is really not that common, obviously.

Chicken wings, literally.
I hope she was drunk or high when this happened.
Really drunk and/or high. 

Thumbs up for fried chicken.
His six-pack is sooo awesome. 

WTF is wrong with that plate?
Why does the spaghetti look like herpes?

I hope you learned your lesson.


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