Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Things we Fancy: Classic Films: "Girl Interrupted"

Girl, Interrupted is one of my all time favorite drama films. Mainly because its an awesome film but also because I absolutely love Angelina Jolie. A good drama film is so real you can see yourself and others in the characters. It has you locked in and anticipating the next scene. Girl, Interrupted is full of truth and drama. A good film has the perfect cast. Each character has his/her own distinct personality. Girl, Interrupted; this title says to me a girl has encountered an interruption of some sort in her life and this is exactly what the story tells. Never has a movie hit so close to home. The cast as a group is convincing and makes the film a great drama, which is the films biggest strength. Another very important strength of Girl, Interrupted is the subliminal message sent about the power of the mind. The main character Susana Kayson, played by Wynona Rider, goes through a mental tug-of-war caught between a normal life and insanity. She is a writer and like many writers she is also a thinker. She over-evaluates the negative things in life and mentally overwhelms herself. The only weakness found in this film would be depth of Susana’s character. I felt as if she could have been a little ‘crazier’.Hence the title, Girl, Interrupted is targeted at girls, more specific, young women. The films plot is filled with the trials and hardships many women face everyday but amplified. The characters portrayed in this movie range from girls with eating disorders to girls with personality disorders and pathological liars. As the drama unfolds each character becomes more relatable. When the film was released in 1999 I was only ten years old so I was nearly terrified of what was happening then. Now as an adult when I see Girl, Interrupted I get more emotional than anything because it now reflects the story of my life. The main character Susana is a troubled writer and misfit diagnosed with a personality disorder after nearly overdosing on aspirin. Susana knew that she was not crazy but she knew something was wrong. Being in the institution helped her discover her truth. The movies turning point happens when a nurse tells Susana, “You can drive yourself crazy or you can get over it, the choice is yours.” I think the mental wars of indecisiveness make this film so popular and relatable.I place great value in this piece of pop culture because it inspires me as a human, a woman, and as a writer. Everyone can relate to being unable to make a big decision, especially decisions that have the potential to change ones life. The producers of this film created a work of art depicting characters not many speak up for. The characters were chosen remarkably and show a little insanity in everyday people.

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