Monday, January 14, 2013

What I Would've Worn: Golden Globes 2013

Everyone is talking about who wore what best. That gets old after a minute or so. I start thinking: Since I have such an opinion, what would I have worn last night?

Light bulb.

So, I thought about Givenchy. Tisci is my number one as far as designer obsessions go, but Fall 2012 featured fur tops which I love, but fur is just too much for the Golden Globes. Then, I thought about Alexander McQueen, my number two, but those flamboyant, pink, anemone like tiers would surely get me shunned, even though, I think the dresses are fabulous. Then, it came to me! Giles, Spring 2013.

Look 39. Sans hat, and add a belt to accentuate the curves honey.
Yves Saint Laurent 
Yves Saint Laurent Artsy Ring
(via Net-A-Porter)

Sarah Cavendar Wide Braided Gold Belt
Exagona Platform, Christian Louboutin
(via Neiman Marcus)
Kotur Motley Clutch (preferably in gold)
(via Neiman Marcus)

I'm thinking a simple up-do with simple make-up. It's all about the dress.


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