Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holy Sh*t! The Nicki Minaj Barbie is HERE!!!

... and we are clearly super effin' excited about it!

She's so majesticial (a word I made up that combines
majestic and magical)!!!

Look at her (above), isn't she like the spitting image of Ms. Minaj herself (below)?!

The real Ms. Minaj on the Pink Friday cover.

Pink Wig? Check.
Winning Smile? Check.
Outfit from the Pink Friday Cover? Check.
Signature Barbie Necklace? Of course.

We're going to call her Mini Minaj, and she's the only one in existence...for now. (Mattel, you're not fooling me one bit.) Mini Minaj will be auctioned off by Mattel on starting December 7 and lasting until the 19th. The proceeds from the auction will go to Project Angel Food, which provides food for HIV/AIDS victims.

Now, if I've learned anything from eBay, it's always good to wait until the last minute and place your bid because there's always that one person who has like wizard powers that keeps outbidding you every time. 

The bidding for Mini Minaj starts at $1,000, and I'm thinking if Me, Ajia Z, and you guys put some money together, we can all share her until a huge fight breaks out over who gets her first. 

Good luck bidding.

Photo courtesy of Mattel.


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