Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hump Day Wednesday: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

So, I felt kind of guilty for always posting eye candy for the ladies, but today I have a special treat for the fellas!!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011!!

This was probably the best one yet sans Tyra Banks. First off, the costumes and lingerie were ridiculous! There was a lot more creative freedom this year. I still have yet to pick a favorite. Maybe the superhero one, the yellow and blue one, I don't know. The tutus were cute too though. Then to add even more envy, Jay and Kanye performed (with Beyonce on the side cheering her two favorite boys on), and it was freaking insane! (See the performance below.) N*ggas in Paris is my jam. Hell, that whole album is my jam. Ms. Minaj performed and of course that was awesome as well. I just want to follow her around for a day, just to study her logic. Maroon 5 showed up and showed out too. If only we could've been in that audience...

Here are the highlights...your welcome guys. =)

We should've been there! Maybe next year! (Gotta dream big.)

s/o to @Yardieiz4life for posting the videos. #Salute!

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