Friday, November 18, 2011

CTTFW: Caramel Apple Jell-O Shots

Cheers To The Freakin' Weekend is BACK!
Do we have a treat for you!
The Caramel Apple Jell-O Shot.
It's like fall fun in a tiny alcoholic treat. Yum!

I would love to take these on a hay ride. Hay ride wasted!
Caramel Apple Jell-O Shots
1 package X-treme Green Apple Jell-O
1 cup DeKuyper® Buttershots liqueur
1 cup boiling water (to make Jell-O)
Whipped cream

Dissolve the jello in the boiling water. Add the DeKuyper Buttershots and stir. Pour into small cups and refrigerate. Once solid, add small layer of caramel and whipped cream. Drizzle caramel over to garnish.
Serve in: small cup

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