Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tattoo Tuesdays!

Starting something new. Tattoos every Tuesday. DOPE INK ONLY!

Lena Diva's Hand-print. 
This week's featured tat is on none other than the other half of this blog, Ajia Z. On her hand is the hand-print of Lena Diva, her daughter/Youtube phenomenon.
Only great mom's get tattoos for there kids. My mom did. (I returned the favor.) Lena Diva's mom did, and it's righteous. This piece was done by the great Matron Medusa, the best tattoo artist in Mobile, maybe America.Why doesn't she have her own show? Kat Von Sleezebag had one, so unfair. I'm just saying. Friend her on Facebook, fools.

Until next time, send us your favorite tattoos on your body (nothing racist, gang-related, or just plain nasty), and you might just see it here along with our witty banter about it.


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