Friday, August 19, 2011

Jersey Shore Recap: So did they smush or not?!

Did you see Mike's face when Snooki confronted his ass? I died laughing. He was like, "Huh, where am I?"

Anyway, it's finally out there (as if it wasn't before). Snooki and Mike probably smushed. However, on last night's episode, Snooki super-denied that "lie." She freaked the f*ck out, and called Mike a psycho. But, just earlier in the episode, she was all jealous that he was calling one of the DTF twins, Brittany. He said he wouldn't be calling her if Snooki didn't have a boyfriend. Really, Mike?! Really?!

My point is...why is she so jealous if they didn't smush? Why is she so jealous, if she's "in love?" Huh? I want answers dammit. Guess I'll get them next Thursday when this whole Ronnie vs. Mike brawl goes down.

Note: Did anybody notice Snooki's new obsession with handbands???
Here's some Snooki inspired one's I found on

Leopard flower @
Flowers with mixed patterns @ Nordstrom
Polka-dot bow @ Topshop
P.S. I also learned a new word. Twinning.


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