Saturday, February 18, 2012

TWF: Boaz Kashi Nugget Rings

I just discovered them today. Think luxury meets serious geology.

(Moon crater bling, right?)

Looks like they pretty much drilled a hole in a fancy rock and dolled it up with some diamonds and gold. I'm impressed. The make reminds of genres like Post-Impressionism (giggle, giggle) and Cubism in a sense that "normal" people see it and think, "That's dumb. I could've done that." The point is that anyone could take a rock, drill a hole in it and call it fine jewelry, but Boaz Kashi thought of it first. So, haha, losers. This could've been your sh!t getting blogged about right now.

Anyway, I bet these rings are heavy. I mean...imagine how buff your ring finger would be after wearing one of these. All your other fingers will think it's on steroids like Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be. Yeah, I just totally went there.

(Black tourmaline with 24kt gold and diamonds. This is the most beautiful weapon ever.)

After I rob a bank and take about $20,000 (I'm so modest), I'm going to buy two nugget rings for $7850 each, whoa.  However, I'll still have enough left over to "make it rain."


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