Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MuSICK: J. Cole - Lost Ones

I am a J. Cole fan & after his latest video he's officially one of my favorite rappers!! This song, this video (Lost Ones) is AMAZING!! I personally feel as if music should deliver a message but this song and video caught me completely off-guard. In 2011 most songs (especially rap/hip-hop) are about what a rapper has, what he does, nothing at all or ya know full of 'STUNTN'. Not many artists talk about the dilemmas in life that normal people face everyday. J. Cole I salute you!! It takes courage & understanding to deliver a message like this. The video is very vivid and gets the point across. I am impressed! I can only imagine how any 'lost ones' will be found after this. Good job & thanks J. Cole!! :)

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