Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Tattoo Tuesday! Robert De Niro Edition!

Okay, so, Muchacha Sucio saw Robert De Niro at Barnes & Noble on 3rd & 54th Street looking at Nooks, and it blew her mind. She tried to get next to him, but some idiot sales guy cock-blocked her from De Niro. RUDE!

So, in spirit of what could have been, I have these really awesome tattoos of Robert De Niro on other people's bodies. They're his biggest fans obviously.

De Niro in Heat. Great Film, BTW.

De Niro in Taxi Driver. Classic.
Done by Mike Devries

De Niro by Cecil Porter.
It could be from Goodfellas or
. It could go either way. 

Maybe if my friend had a De Niro tattoo, De Niro would have made the sales guy drop a deuce in his pants, or at the least, bought her a scone.

Just a thought.


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