Thursday, October 13, 2011

Minnette On The Subway

So, I'm in New York right (internship!). Me, Muchacha Sucio, and her man-friend. She tells me the story of Little Minnette. Apparently, while she waits for the J train at the Sutphin station, there's a mouse that she sings to and it comes out from it's mouse hole in the tracks (eww) and tries to get on the platform. She named her Minnette. At first, I thought she was losing her sh*t, but I saw it with my own eyes. The mouse came out when she sang. I laughed so hard because I was so freaked out by the fact that this mouse knew her voice and came out to see her. I loved it! I felt like I was in a Disney movie, and I was waiting for Minnette to start singing about living an awesome life in the subway sewage. 

So what's the point of this story? It inspired this mouse themed fashion compilation. Check it out.

Mouse Cuff
Disney Couture Mawi

Minnie Mouse Kiss-lock Wallet
Fred Flare

Mouse Ballerina Necklace
Servane Gaxotte

Corn Mouse Earrings
Jacey Withers

Mouse Ears Necklace
Disney Couture Mawi

Le Mouse Tote
Marc By Marc Jacobs

Metallic Pink Mouse Ears
Charlotte Russe

Japan Kate Mouse Tee
Simeon Farrar

Le Mouse Ring
Marc By Marc Jacobs

Le Mouse Bobbys
Marc By Marc Jacobs

Studded Leather Mouse Flats
Marc By Marc Jacobs

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