Sunday, August 7, 2011

Things We Fancy: FALL!

Fall's almost here, dude.

I know that in the South there is no such thing as Fall. There is just heat, hurricane season (which lasts like half the year), and in winter, an occasional cool breeze.
However, I grew up in Delaware, so I remember Fall in great detail. Fall is the best season. I mean, seriously, I could go on forever about all the stellar things that happen in the Fall like state fairs (Greater Gulf State Fair, for us); the start of boyfriend season (got to have a boo in time for Christmas); and season premieres on all the best shows. My two favorites are Gossip Girl and Bones. I'm such a well-rounded individual.

Yet, the most important thing about Fall is...Fashion. For one, the alliteration is advertising gold, and two, Fall is when the most important week in fashion takes place. Hello, Fashion Week.

Fall is a versatile season. It's not too cold, it's not hot either. It's the perfect season to try new things. I'm thinking about playing with bright colors and patterns this season, which is subject to change. Ooh, I almost forgot...BOOTS! Start buying them now because come September everyone will be trying to work the same boot. At least, you can say you did it first. 

So go forth and shop for Fall and dust off your "skills" for boyfriend season.


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