Monday, April 16, 2012

muSICK: Holy Sh!t, Tupac Was at Coachella?!

Yes, he was. Not in the flesh though because that would make him a zombie or, even better, a vampire (think True Blood not Twilight).

He performed from heaven via hologram.

Good looking out Japan! It was probably the dopest/creepiest thing that Ajia Z. and I have ever seen. It
was pretty much like seeing a ghost. However, it was still quite emotional in a celebratory way thinking about how we both grew up listening to this amazing man transcended rap into the realm of almost classical poetry. It was beautiful to see him up there performing one more time with Snoop Dogg, but still very creepy.

Of course, there are still the select stereotypically ghetto few who still think that Tupac never died and finally revealed himself to the world at Cochella. Makes you wonder though. They might not be bullsh!tting.

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