Thursday, March 8, 2012

TWF: Sarcastic Accessorizing with ADEEN.

(This would look so dope on my head.)

ADEEN is what some prissy folk like to call "an acquired taste." Obviously, they don't understand the genius of Assman, Adeen's mascot. I, personally, just think this label is dope. I mean, who thinks to put sharp ass teeth on a hat with acrylic eyes? Rembrandt Duran does.

(The Knuckles Ring with a little Assman in the middle.)

Duran's vision is like Pop meets manga meets gritty streetwear.

(ADEEN's assortment of cuffs ranging from Assman to Explosions.)

I must say, looking through ADEEN's collections...the pricing is amazing. The hats go for more, but the rings like the Knuckles ring start out at $20, and some go for even cheaper. This label is taking off, so you better get in where you fit in before hipster pricing takes effect. Just saying...

(The Assman Plush Pin that started it all.)


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