Thursday, February 16, 2012


You've Gotta Be Kitten Me Bootie
(Jeffrey Campbell is a funny little genius.)

Jeffrey Campbell shoes are like Jordans to fashionistas everywhere. We all want a pair, but only few are fast enough to get them before they sell out. Case in point: the Tardy boot in cat tapestry. I hate that I don't own this shoe. Hell, I don't even like cats. I'm a dog person (There is a dog tapestry Lita.), but this boot is sooo righteous. Only a real, fashion forward being such as myself would even have the gall to wear these. However, they are sold out everywhere probably just collecting dust in some retard's closet. :(

I need this boot in my life. So, go sell your pair on eBay. Size 81/2 or 9, like new, no scuffs. We don't play that "worn look" business.


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