Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MuSICK: Future-Say Yea ft Hypnotize & Pikasso

I LOVE this song! 'Say Yea' by Future ft. Hypnotize & Pikasso (C.E.O. of FULLTIME HUSTLA ENT) is a certified BANGER!! I cannot wait until this song is in clubs everywhere! It will be the blame for an unforgettable night! Just will enjoy every second of it from the beginning to the end. #CERTIFIEDMuSICK It'll have ya sayin' dddamn! lol S/O to Mobile AL. A town full of underrated artists. Salute. Keep grindin'. (Click Future or Pikasso to follow them on twitter) (Click Future or Pikasso here to see more of them on YouTube)

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