Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things We Fancy: WWF Tees @ Forever 21

So, I took a little vacation this past weekend to good ole New Orleans, got drunk, ate boudin, and then went shopping and bought this top...

(There are no pictures of me in it because I don't want hard evidence of how drunk I really was, really drunk.)

The Cheetah Sublimation Tee @ Forever 21

Cute, right? Forever 21 got it right with this one. I love the elbow length sleeves. It's retro, but you can pair it with anything. I paired it with simple gray tights. Plus, a dollar of each purchase goes towards helping WWF (World Wildlife Fund) continue their efforts protecting endangered species like the cheetah on this shirt.
So, go get one. They have them with a variety of animals and t-shirt styles. I may go back and get the panda one. Pandas are my favorite.


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