Friday, July 22, 2011

Things We Fancy: Lit that's the Sh*!

"Like I Give A Frock"

"fashion forecasts and meaningless misguidance" -Michi

So last weekend while browsing through the clearance racks at the mall's Books-a-million's, I found a treasure! "Like I Give a Frock" was there standing out like a 6'3 model in a room full of dwarfs and the best part yet, it was only $1!! Yea one single buck! But this isn't the best part. After reading this book I felt like I owed the author, Michi, at least $20! This book is the cutest most creative work of literature i've ever seen. Michi uses artwork to tell simple stories on fashion do's and don'ts. Here's one page below. You'll have to get your own copy here on hardback for only $12.89, to view the rest...or maybe i'll share some of Michi's misguidance with you all occasionally. =)

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