Saturday, June 11, 2011

Standing Ovation for RIHANNA'S MAN DOWN

(Watch Rihanna's Man Down here.)

Dear Rihanna, the public, and whoever else is concerned......YOU GO BITCH!!!
Let them say what they may, but all in all THANK YOU. The message delivered in Man Down was AMAZING. On behalf of hundreds of girls EVERYWHERE, THANKS. Sexual assault occurs everyday, and with your video, this overlooked issue is brought to light.
P.S.  I love the entire Loud album and Rated R.
Shes' a grown ass woman!! Let her do her thing! You've got to give Rihanna her props. The girl is RED HOTT!!! (Literally, check the hair!) Consistently, even when most couldn't be. I salute you boo!
Thanks :) With Love, AjiaZ
Rihanna's Loud is out now. Go buy it!

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