Friday, June 17, 2011

MuSICK: Pikasso-In My Zone

Jordan Shane Perryman (born April 12 1990), better known by his stage name Pikasso is an American rapper. Although born in San Diego California, Pikasso was raised in Mobile Alabama. Being able to draw and paint anything perfectly and being able to express his thoughts through words as an artist, Jordan became Pikasso. Influenced by his cousins rap endevours and exposure to a local recording studio at the early age of just 8 years old, Pikasso began writing music. Pikasso eventually began to record himself. Fascinated by the simplicities of being able to tranfer his thoughts into records and the positive feedback gained from what was once a just a hobby, music was now Pikassos full time job. Having the skills to produce his own music and videos Pikasso started Fulltime Hustla Ent. ( in 2008, and Pikasso does exactly what is described. On the clock 24/7, Pikasso records his music, and runs his business non-stop. Releasing his first mixtape, titled Me, Mieselph, I, in 2009 Pikasso began to gain massive local attention. His second mixtape, Music Notes and C-Notes was released Valentines 2010 and by this time his music had become anticipated by fans worldwide. Directing and recording videos for himself and others Pikasso is the definition of fulltime hustla. Collaborating with multiple artists such as Lil' Chris, Posa, Future, Dynamic, Antwork, and Ka$h Pikasso's third mixtape will be released in May 2011. Titled Insomnia: No Days Off, Pikasso's third mixtape features tracks produced by Que, Maja, TMC, Dakota and Joe C. FOR MORE PIKASSO: click here to see his videos on YouTube click here to add him as a Facebook friend and click here to follow him on Twitter =)

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