Monday, February 13, 2012

Nicki Minaj...I mean, Roman Zolanski's Grammy Performance...I mean, exorcism.

(Yes, this is the bootlegged version. Watch it while you can.)

Ever since Stupid Hoe came out, everyone has been pitchfork and torching Ms. Minaj. Why? I dunno. I would like to think boredom has something to do with it since Gaga is on a little break. I personally like Stupid Hoe. It kind of reminded me of the Beam Me Up Scotty days. (If you don't know what Beam Me Up Scotty pertains to, you were never a real Minaj fan anyway.)

Then Roman Holiday came along....

That's the song that was performed above at the Grammys last night. The performance was pretty awesome. Most people (for lack of a better word) hated it, but I'm sure if Gaga was up there instead, they would've hailed it as the best Grammy performance ever. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE GAGA, but Gaga is not a rapper. Nicki Minaj is. She is also female, and female rappers don't usually get the applause they deserve. Ms. Minaj out-raps most male rappers out right now, and I firmly stand by that. She's not a gimmick or record company concoction. I genuinely think she's crazy, and I love her for it. Although, I am still on the fence about the song Roman Holiday, I really liked the performance. She is an entertainer, and I was definitely entertained. I think that this year Nicki Minaj is back, and I mean that in a pre-Pink Friday way. Stupid Hoe has mixtape hustle quality and I say that with love because mixtapes are where you really see who has skills.

So, throw shade all you want, but I bet you still watch the videos and buy the album, because fan or not, we're fascinated because we all know that there is a little Roman in all of us....

(Watch the Stupid Hoe Video.)


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